Dear Ray

Dear Ray

Dear Ray,

I’ve come to learn a lot about you these past years.
You like your grapes frozen and your coffee black.
You like reading the newspaper, it makes you feel like an adult.

You’re sweet and kind, challenging and trying.
You’re become more open and honest, and able to admit your wrongs.

I wasn’t able to say this in the past, but I forgive you.
I forgive our self-doubts and harmful thoughts. I forgive our faults and failures.
I forgive our history of choices but most of all I forgive our willingness to be afraid.

In the future we’re going to be a lot stronger, a lot smarter and a lot more confident. We’re
going to love ourselves unconditionally and have thicker skin.

I love you.

your past self

Photographer – Marina Choy
Model – Rachel Williams