Take me to Funky Town

Exquisite and dainty, meet Marina, a women with one of the most alluring looks. Imbued with a tasteful aura of class and a searingly refined figured, she is sure to send shivers down your spine. Eyes that swirl your soul into a vortex bending, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing state that will alleviate the pains and pressures of the world, lifting you into the promised land. 

Taken at the Funky Loft in LA; calm, daring, and cute blended with niggles of nouveau niceties, this set paints a sublime abstract novel of what true divinity may possibly look like. The gods of our time have blessed us with this foxy lady. 

Photographer: Fro Rojas
Model: Marina Laswick
Producer: Kimberley Rose Fraga
Styling: Kylea Rosen
Clothing: Free People