"Hello, I am Sofía Suarez Prat, I was born in Bolivia twenty five years ago, and since then, I have been accumulating movements and emotions. I studied Advertising in Madrid and bought my first camera with by the age of 15.

My nomadic soul has shown me twenty five countries, dozens of people and hundreds of incitements, that three years ago brought me to Barcelona. Here I started my own personal photography project just 9 months ago, although, isDermis has been inside me for a long time. In particular, from the age of 8 when red spots began to appear in my body, resulting to be the chronic disease of Psoriasis. 

isDermis is my visual way of expressing my freedom because it is precisely just that, my freedom. Visual and emotional freedom, without terms that can limit or reduce it, the skin is what it wants to be and I just want to observe it as it is. Consequently I have been projecting other aspects like my respect for human body and the exploration of its sexuality. isDermis is the place where I can do whatever I want between bodies and the camera. No expectation, just skin." - Sofía Suarez Prat,