Artist Feature: Misty Macallister

Hi, I'm Misty Macallister, and I'm a self-published writer based in the US. When I bought my Nikon I never thought I'd be featured as a model or photographer, ever! I began taking photos to complement my writing. The first photos I took were in my bedroom, against a wall, in front of a sheet. I had no idea what I was doing, not just with the camera, but in front of it. Two years later, I've learned enough to know that the sun does 70% of the work, my camera does 25%, and if I can manage the last 5%, I'll take a decent photo. 

Excerpt from my latest story, "Fleur Des Morts":

"The lips glide across skin. Her body is an expanse of pleasure waiting to be explored. Kisses tumble down her neck, a landslide of sparks and tickles cascading over her collarbone. Promises made in touches. 

Susan rolls onto her back. She needs to give the dream lips free rein to give her pleasure. She arches her back into a bow, her muscles straining to meet her desire. Her eyes flutter like butterfly wings dusted with pollen. Her lips quirk into a secret smile. Dream lips give way to nipping teeth. Susan’s nipples puff and tangle into ripe buds. Her moan articulates what words can’t say."