Summer Fucking Love

Don’t you think that if it was supposed to happen it would be a little easier? Someone probably told you that good things take time and if it’s quick and easy it won’t be worth it. But why? Some things fall into your lap and are amazing and just because you didn’t work or fight or suffer for something it doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Because the truth is some things aren’t better just because they’re more work. Some things waste your time and aren’t worth it. So stop trying so hard and forcing things that don’t come naturally because you like the idea of them or because you have some kind of fantasy of what it should or will be like. Because some things seem better than they are and people put years into jobs they end up leaving and people miss their daughters soccer games for sales call they never get. And people move away from their families for girls that will break up with them. But after all the sacrifice is it really worth it? Are you really getting something that you can’t get anywhere else at less of a cost? Is there not another girl you would like as much without all the fighting or a job that will pay you as much without taking away your Sundays or friends that are down for drinks whenever you ask them not once a month when it’s convenient? If something’s not working, it’s okay to walk away from it. It’s okay to decide that something you care about so much is just not worth the trouble for what you’re getting out of it. There are endless ways to spend your time but your time isn’t endless, so choose wisely.

Photographer: Lucía Sun
Assistant: Rubén García
Models: Claudia Vega & Raquel Valle
Styling: Dan García
Styling Assistant: Hector Peña
MUA: Irene San Gil