The most discernible difference between me and the people I admire is that they are going for it. Whatever it is. The thing that they love doing, that they prioritize doing, I see it happen. I see the way the world opens up for people who are decisive. So I know it works. I’m still unsure of how best to use my array of skills, but the conversation is happening and I’m dusting out the cobwebs in my imagination. Listening for what feels good. I want to be someone I admire. I know the universe is giddy with opportunities for me, but I have to step outside my bubble of lethargy to access them. I haven’t seriously embraced the responsibility that is my own life, and, instead, living has been this passive experience. The people I admire are actively involved in their overall satisfaction with their lives. I want to be someone I admire.

Photographer: Binniam Halid
Model: Elena Pappas