Long Lost Friend For The Lonely One

I fell in love with every passing soul; wrote them into my life until they decided to tear themselves away from mine. I smeared ink on romantic hallucinations of a life that was so far out of reach but when I met you, all of this faded away. Every praise I once uttered for them was too mediocre to describe you. Every feeling I once felt was too dull compared to what I felt when I was with you. I closed my eyes and saw your name written on the inside of my mind - etched between the synapses in my brain. I smelled bittersweet bliss when I thought about the taste of you - of us - of our love metamorphosed into physical decadence and that’s how I knew it was you. That it would always, without a doubt, be you.

Words by Nadia B

Photographer: Berkley Vopnfjord
Models: Hailey & Kiko
HMUA: Claudia Pooley
Styling & Creative Direction: Berkley