Common Nudes

Common Nudes

Perspectives are important. In fact, your perspective, my perspective, and every single other person's perspective combined would form the true reality that we are currently subjected to. Combining all of our thoughts, experiences, feelings, emotions, and actions into one amalgamated mutant which could act and be as one. But maybe thats consciousness. The ethereal integration of all our minds that we cannot touch and see. But we would never know. All we can do is ponder. Light a cigarette and watch it blaze gloriously in the dusk as the nicotine tickles the tips of your toes and settles a mind which wonders too far from what it can understand. 

But the cigarette fades and the thoughts return. 

What is me, you, us, them, they, there, that, her, she, it, him, who? 

Words. That is all they are. Just words. Simply a linguistic structure which we have devised from the beginning of time to define things. To manufacture experiences, and communicate them to other like minded beings.

Let these words roll off your tongue as you try to capture your own feelings, and divulge them onward to the person you choose. And let that person take your words, and perceive them accordingly. They will re-manufacture your words. They will re-process your words. For the things you said are not the things they think you say. 

But if we pursue to define and conceptualize all that we know, to align ourselves to a deeper understanding, but those who we share these messages with, do not understand deeper, then what is the point to it all.

Maybe it is not to understand at all.

Quickly, light another cigarette and let these thoughts dissipate.

Inhale, exhale, cough, ash, Inhale, and watch the smoke detract you from elucidating these shifting sands of logic. 

You will only know the answer once your eyes close and your pulse perishes. 

Photographer: Ramon Jamar
Model: Nyasha