What Alice Found There

What Alice Found There

The smell of candy floss and children's laughs permeates through the air, as Alice takes nostalgic steps through a place made of heavy machinery, sizzling hot dog stands and over ambitious clowns. Her mind flushes with memories of times she spent here with her family and friends and most definitively with ex lovers.

She remembers the time she confided in him, told him all her secrets behind the merry go round. The time he won her a teddy and let her hold it the whole day as they ran through the fair grounds drowning in infatuation and smothered in each others arms. But she no longer holds his hand, and she no longer keeps his secrets. She walks the grounds in solace,  with fleeting delight and painful pleasures. Alice grabs a gun and pulls the trigger with his face in mind. But she knows better, to hold grudges is to only hurt ones self. She knows to not dwindle about things that now do not matter. She knows to move forward. She knows that she is the only one stopping herself from enjoying the sweet melting fluff of candy floss on her tongue and the endearing smiles of kids running and playing. She knows her mind is her only saviour. Her happiness is her own decision. 


Photographer: Andrea Passon
Model: Alice Da Ros