dainty affair

Find yourself in a room partially lit, with a petite Russian girl who wants to show you the stars and the moon... enter the celestial cosmos that is Isabela's domain.

Sitting delicately against antiqued furniture, she rolls herself up in a ball and feels her own hair tickle her skin as she stretches her feet into the air. Exploring the room she climbs onto the window sill and tugs at the curtains. Making friends with the fabric, she embeds herself in a prison of plush drapery. 

Striped shorts and no shirt are on the menu. Standing powerfully on the edge of the bed, we appreciate her elevated state. Isabela is a truly fascinating lady, watch her as she gracefully tip-toes through the room to the bathroom, and bleeds with ethereal elegance. 

Photographer: Viktor Cicko
Model: Isabela Nemeth